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Crystal Also Need To Pay Attention To?

Jan 25, 2019

1, their distribution and use of crystals, avoiding to touch others, or belt.

2, cannot be placed in the Crystal on a computer, television and audio combination, unless you use crystals to absorb radiation, or Crystal shade features big, color loss reduction in radiation.

3, good Crystal, Crystal's life and body for your collection but is hurt, especially the tip part. Please do not place it at Crystal, and if you do not need a Crystal-assisted, with bag and wrapped in a safe place.

4 if realized that the Crystal energies are not followed or broken, buried in Crystal nature, such as the beaches, the countryside, please do not fall into the dustbin because we want Crystal to release back into the embrace of nature, there is recycling day.

5, Crystal for the treatment, to be cleaned after each use.

6, select Crystal with the intuition of the self, or induction. When buying for others, can remember friends image, suitable crystals occur naturally.