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Cultural and symbolic significance of crystal

Jul 18, 2016

Crystal is the holy symbol.Ancient times people will define the height of the crystal in the spiritual level. She is full of wisdom, courage, a very useful natural energy that you can use to change the crystal and magnetic body, purify the surrounding environment, even feng shui can be changed to improve the fate of their own or enterprise. Crystal has long been accepted baptism of nature, it had been regarded as a treasure!

First, in people's hearts, all kinds of crystal energy has been scientific, there are too many examples to strengthen those scientific basis, have been kept in the above crystal mystery also seems increasingly clear and bright. Whether there is not effective, we seek to adapt to each other with the crystal, it is clear now that the result is that we want.

Second, the crystal represents a symbolic, historical and social significance given her more. Today symbolism is so widely Crystal: Topaz representatives wealth, powder symbol of love, the firm usually represents black and the like.

Third, the crystal is also a spiritual belief, a strong psychological effect gives the crystal so fresh life. Our interaction with the crystal, mutual adaptation. Today crystal has undeniable significance of these so we give her, but so many people have acquiesced in her power crystal itself also contributed!

Fourth, the crystal is a way of life, people are beginning to crystal quest, nothing more than the pursuit of beauty. It is a human instinct, precisely because of this instinct to explore the crystal out and make her more beautiful.