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Difference between crystal and imitation crystal glass plastic acrylic

May 28, 2016

1, crystal glass is not aging,after long time used only need a lining cloth to clean the dust. Some dealers reflects acrylic only bought new, the same night feeling a little oxidative aging, and only new few days.

2, crystal glass more transparent, shiny, refraction of light better, and therefore it looks more texture, more top grade and more heavier in weight.You often got what you paid for.

3, there is a magnetic field between the crystal glass, the entire crystal curtain,it can stop the evil things,against evil spirits, to play the role of feng shui changes can be hung on the porch, or two doors in front of the place.

4, the easiest way to distinguish crystal glass and acrylic plastic is to burn it, crystal glass is not afraid of fire,but acrylic afraid of it.

5, In the market there are not natural crystal beads, one of insufficient light transmission is not suitable, the second is the cost is high.So the best curtain is made of crystal glass.