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How to choose crystal gifts

May 27, 2016

Each year,there are many customers purchasing crystal gifts, and for some customers,it is the first purchase of the crystal products.They ingore materials, workmanship and only care about the price.

Here we would like to give some suggestions during the purchase of crystal crafts:

The first is the materials. If you prefer low price,you can choose Anhui Xinguan or Longyang material. The color of this material is yellowish and there are bubbles inside. You can choose this kind of material for promotional gifts or do sandblasting or color printing with your images.

If you want to present high end gifts to your clients or do 2D OR 3D laser engraving inside the crystal. You need to buy the high-grade k9 crystals.These kinds of material are produced in Jiangsu Province,Hangzhou and Wuhan province.These material with pure color and without bubbles inside them. We usually use these materials to make crystal cubes,crystal blocks,k9 blank crystals to our clients for them to do laser engraving.

The second is the workmanship. It also can decide the price. A good crystal gifts should be well polished,tiny size error,same edge lines,without scrathces on surface.

The third is the packaging. Normally we use nice gift box with lining inside for crystal gifts. If you prefer cheaper price, simple white box packing is a good options for you.

Of course, we are able to custom make any designs as request in different price range.