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How To Wear Crystal Bracelet

Feb 01, 2019

Crystal jewelry Crystal bracelet in particular attracts more and more love and attention, how do I put a Crystal bracelets became a hot topic, experts a simple introduction about Crystal bracelet wearing, hoping to help a friend wanted to know.

Crystal bracelet worn generally follow to recover onto right out of this great principle, right out of the energy of the universe is to recover onto forms in circulation, another thing is to look at property of spar own wear, spar is generally divided into stocking (radioactive) and absorbing energy.

Generally stocked Crystal was worn on the left hand, you can enhance the positive energy, such as: the Green ghost, Crystal, titanium Crystal, white Crystal, Amethyst, Crystal, tourmaline, red striped stone, aquamarine, Moonstone, Garnet, Topaz can be worn on the left!

And that crystals are worn on the right hand, can absorb people's own negative energy, condensed energy, such as Obsidian, black agate, rutilated, black tourmaline, and so on.

There are exceptions, like Obsidian is either hand can take, five lines of water scarcity is generally worn on the left hand.