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Meanings Of Different Crystals

Feb 05, 2019

White crystals: with focus, concentration, expanded memory functions, is a synthesis of all the energy, said Crystal King. Town House, warding off evil block, purify the body, remove the gas, JI kaiyun.

Amethyst: smart, steady mood, improve intuitive, help thinking, concentration power, increased memory capacity, enhancing relationships, give people courage and strength. Representatives of noble and faithful love, often for a couple of bright eyes rock. Amethyst in the West also represents "the guardian stone of love" will provide the couple, a couple of deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

Citrine: a mental body, increase self confidence, Moss, primary side wealth, often bringing windfall, is a wealth of Crystal. Helps gentle mood mood, teaching people step by step practical approach. Strengthen the liver and gastrointestinal and digestive organs, especially stomach cold.

Red hair Crystal: main wealth, side money; could enhance the vitality, confidence, health. Adjust the female hormone, helps in the treatment of gynecological diseases, treatment of low blood pressure, weakness, skin dull, fragile and sensitive. Menstrual cramps, blood to reconcile and have a healing effect on hormonal imbalance.

Green hair Crystal: (AB Crystal) owners are money, increasing business, career times, can promote good health, improve one's horoscope.

Hair crystals: more confident and to ward off evil, dark villain, healing, luck.

Crystal: the heart chakra can be developed to promote emotional developed gem can help the pursuit of love, sure love, enjoy the jewel of love. Help improve relationships, increase popularity, and enrollment edge, open door services the best weapon. Can assist in the deep, find yourself improving perceptions.