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Methods Of Wear Crystals

Jan 31, 2019

Many Crystal friends started to ask: what Crystal beads to wear that? Rings and there are you?

Believe different people will have different FA, please hold a major principle: recover onto (yin), right (Yang). (For a lefty becomes "right-to-left"). For example:


Left hand: bring quality, increase wisdom, luck and spiritual Ascension

Wearing the right hand: dissemination of personal character, release negative energy when the headache


Position: bottom round (black), Special: absorption ability

Left: lower body function (root chakra) help

Wearing the right hand: absorb negative energy body discharges

Such as titanium Crystal, Topaz, green ghost, generally used for money, we recommend loading in left hand, can help such as citrine crystals of magnetic field emissions recommendation may be included in your right hand. There are some crystals such as garnets, rock crystal, hands can be, personal.