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The Difference Between Glass And Crystal

Jan 18, 2019

Synthetic quartz and the chemical composition of natural Crystal silica, high purity silicon dioxide that is known as the "Crystal". Natural Crystal is a transparent quartz crystal is hexagonal column crystals, its hardness is very high, reflecting sunshine (commonly known as the seven rays), very strong.

Pure quartz is colorless transparent Crystal, without impurity of natural Crystal could barely find the most natural crystals with air bubbles and impurities, Crystal mixing corrosion.

Synthetic quartz raw materials silica sand through a series of process refinement, then by a fine cutting technology and absolutely flawless polished effort made, pure transparent crystals, make up for the deficiency of natural crystal.

Rhinestones add metals such as lead can increase the light split shot, only shows that the Crystal of nobility. Because of artificial Crystal process complicated, craft advanced, some prices are even more expensive than the natural crystal.

Artificial crystal that is high-lead glass, or lead crystal glass and ordinary glass (composition is silicon dioxide) to 24% lead oxide, will be similar to natural Crystal brightness and transparency of Crystal.

International standards for the content of lead oxide 24% (which can be called crystals, less is the Crystal glass), and chemical properties of artificial Crystal the best, compared with ordinary glass, mainly large, feels heavy, refraction, transmission out of colorful ten-color; high hardness, wear-resisting.

UV can penetrate the rhinestones and Crystal, while ordinary glass does not.

Crystal melting point: Crystal melting point 1713

Refractive index: Crystal's refractive index 1.544-1.553, hardly out of this range. Refraction when light from the air into the Sapphire Crystal, and is refracted, its angle sine and the ratio of the sine of the angle.

International glass has a strict concept of Glass: the common glass products. Crystal: leaded glass, or Crystal, lead oxide content of 24%. Therefore, 24% lead high lead oxide glass guarantee.