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The source of the crystal

May 30, 2016

Crystal,which contains colorless transparent glass, commonly known as K9 material, (ordinary glass will bluish reflection), also including natural crystal ore. Therefore, in order to distinguish them.In general international pratices,use Rockcrystal express natural crystal(also named alias spar, crystal stone). Crystal, a gorgeous and voluptuous name, with its people have always been described as noble. The sourc of the crystal, the crystal is also a modern past, its history was repeatedly Road, the beauty of it is fun to watch. 1676 Englishman George Ravenscroft discovered crystal. Crystal, is quite a spiritual substance.

Artificial crystal, also known as synthetic crystal ( melting crystal): is the raw material quartz sand refined through a series of steps, added to the metal element (such as lead) to enhance the refraction of light, and then the fine cutting technology and flawless burnish kung fu made of crystal pure and transparent, to make up for the lack of natural crystal. Because man-made crystal process is complicated, the procedure from material selection, cutting, rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding, polishing, inspection, lettering, assembly, cleaning, packaging, etc. There are more than 10 procedures. Each link is fine arts refinement.