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What is K9 Crystal

Jan 21, 2019

K9 Crystal, also called K9 glass, can also refer to the K9 Crystal trophies made of materials for optical coating and other fields, effects of light transmission, refraction, hardness and texture far above the resin material. Processing mainly cutting polishing and pressure-cast (subject to melting pot). K9 material belonging to the optical glass, crystal clear, derived a lot of K9 crystal trophy for processing object factories, products of their processing, called Crystal Medal products in the market.

K9 glass EU rhinestones (Crystal) the first definition is the PBO content of more than 24%. K9 glass does not contain PBO, refractive indexes up to the refractive index of glass containing lead.

Why sell K9 K9 man-made crystal trophy is the highest level of production, China has no laws on Rhinestones, b is made of crystal glass also produced crystal trophy made of lead crystal manufacturers.

Following is the EU legal definition of artificial Crystal, in a foreign country, if you use K9 glass claimed to be crystal sold, others can tell you.

S.I. No. 312/1972 — European Communities (CrystalGlass) Regulations, 1972.

Full Lead Crystal —— 30% Metal oxides (%) PbO≥ 30% Density≥ 3·00 Refractive index nD>1·545

Lead Crystal —— 24% Metal oxides (%) PbO≥ 30%

Provisions of the European Union in 1972 lead oxide content greater than or equal to 30%, the density is greater than 3G/cm3, refractive index greater than or equal to 1.545 glass full lead crystal, lead oxide content greater than or equal to 24% glass, lead crystal, crystal glass is not as clearly defined, often with a lead-glass lead oxide content of less than 24%. Provides licensing of lead oxide content greater than or equal to 24% glass remove glass, can be called the Crystal and lead oxide content greater than or equal to 24% 's the leaded glass allowed known as lead crystal, greater than or equal to the 30% of glass allowed to called full lead crystal, do not need to add glass.