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why choose us when you purchase high quality crystal products?

Jul 02, 2019

Why choose us when you purchase high quality crystal products?


Firstly:We only choose A grade and B grade K9 crystals for high quality finished crystal products.


A grade k9 crystals:well polished/no broken edges/no cracks/no scratches/no inner impurities and bubbles/without non-homogeneous inside/perfect shape/correct angles/excellent collinearity/same width seam for all edges/very good tolerances(normally +- 1mm)/no additional surface or seam repairs/without green touch/well clean surface

B grade k9 crystals:we only choose B grade when some thickness of raw materials do not have A grade,it is same as A grade,only have few tiny bubbles inside,but we will replace the items which have bubbles,only send you the products without bubbles inside.


Secondly:we will suggest you the most suitable K9 crystals according to your machine brands.To avoid the crystals you received can not do laser engraving inside.


There are many different 3D laser engraving machines,like HolyLaser machines in Yiwu city,Shining3D machines in Hangzhou city,STN laser machines in Wuhan city,Wisely Laser in Shenzhen city and Germany machines,etc.


Also,there are many different K9 crystal raw materials in the market.The most popular ones are Kaimashi K9 materials from Hubei province,Jiangsu K9 materials from Jiangsu province,Huatian K9 materials,Kangyou K9 materials from Shandong province,K5 materials from Anhui province and glass materials.


Thirdly:100% strong safety packaging for the crystal products. 


We have different boxes,like simple white box,simple gift box,paper gift boxes,luxury wooden boxes,leather boxes,etc for individual package. And then several boxes into one strong corrugated carton which with strong foam surrounded inside to protect the goods during delivery.


Fourthly: We have rich experience in this field.


With our experience in materials and manufacturing,we can offer you high quality crystal products.


With our experience in package.we can offer you different boxes and guarantee the safety of the products during transportation.


With rich experience for exporting,we can give you different solutions for exporting the goods and do the importing at destination for under the delivery terms like EXW,FOB,CIF,DDU,CFR,etc. And we can support you to apply different certificates under the request from the customs.


With our experience on international logistics,we have different delivery options for your orders,like by sea to seaport for big orders no needed urgent,by air to airport for big orders needed urgent,by express door to door service to small orders and top urgent orders and by train for orders from Central Asia,Russia and Europe and other combined transport solutions.


With experience on after-sales service. We have different solutions when our clients complain the quality of our products. Replace the quantity from future orders,return the money for the defective products,reasonable discount for future orders,etc


Different quality,different prices.

The only disadvantage for high quality products with higher prices is that you have to pay more money,but you will get good reputation,get more clients,expand your market and have more profit an without after-sales service troubles.


The only advantage for cheapest products with poor quality is that you only need to pay less money,but you will get into after-sales troubles,lose reputation,lose clients,lose market and will have no profit anymore. Your competitors would like to see that,but we believe that you are not.


Of course,if you only want promotional products,price is the first,quality is not so important,let us know. We also have solutions for you.

Maybe you would say "Enough is the best" and Fuck off "Quality is good". We agree with you,cos we have different solutions for your different requests.


Our target is to do our best to meet your demands.