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Why Do Crystals Degaussing?

Jan 23, 2019

Some people get something without degaussing Crystal ore, or dizziness, or palpitations, or a wild dream, or depression, may be the remaining causes of negative energy before. 

Some people, after you get the Crystal and will be very happy, very excited, childlike Daihatsu, whim, inspiration, masterpiece, the same meaning, there are residual energy before leaving. Just luckier than the latter. 

Degaussing was to address the residual energy, Crystal to restore its original appearance, which is the memory there is in the world that was no good and no evil energy. Energy, it is neutral, Crystal is also neutral. But the universe of trends, as well as the entire evolution of the human soul, be positive, positive, positive, Crystal energy, helping sentient beings towards the positive, positive, positive direction in evolution. So, if someone criticized you Crystal ore, power is poor, they tend to call themselves members of the masters, picking them up well, laughs well, never mind. 

You know Crystal ore originally neutral energy, it reflects like a mirror of critics, criticism by criticizing his own, this is a total reflection! Still laughs and good, even without disturbing, this is usually very heavy face, and is often angry. Crystal gem home and degauss again, do not leave their energy.

Degaussing, as computer disks "REPROGRAMMING", removing former energy, there are new spaces for us to use. Degaussing does not eliminate itself energy of Crystal ore, that you like to use the absolute ease!